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Our Approach

Research Approach:

At NCP our commitment is to develop and move the best, most innovative science and technology from the design bench to the patients’ bedside through a program of translational and interdisciplinary research and education. We are looking to implement seamless integration of research and clinical care from multiple sources- internal, external to our organization – because our ultimate mission is to be united in service to the patients.

An interdisciplinary approach

Our physician researchers and investigators play an enormous role in treating and managing your condition. Heights Hospital is home to interdisciplinary departments and programs including cardiovascular, neuro-medicine, Pain management and systems medicine.

Working with researchers

We perform collaborative research to advance medical science. Our faculty and members work with a
network of coauthors from around the globe. In addition, we support a range of research affiliations
with institutions such as HD research, Rho, Icon and SHSU.

Supporting and training Tomorrow’s health Care Leaders

We provide our research and affiliates with a resource-rich environment of tools, laboratories and
training. In our state-of-the-art facilities to perform tests ranging from advanced cellular microscopy to
multiple forms of clinical interventions. We also support cutting-edge technology and data analysis
through molecular diagnostics, proteomics, flow cytometry, pathology, biomedical informatics and
biostatistics support. At any one time we are training our staff, graduate and post graduate students.